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Syringe Filter - 0.22 µm Pore Size 13 mm Diameter

Syringe Filter - 0.22 µm Pore Size 13 mm Diameter

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Introducing our Autoclavable 0.22 Micron PTFE Syringe Filter - the ultimate solution for efficient air exchange in your mushroom growing process. This versatile syringe filter is a must-have for liquid culture jars, spawn jars, and BRF jars.

Measuring 13mm wide, this PTFE syringe filter ensures optimal airflow while keeping harmful particles out of your materials. Easily integrate it into your jar lids with a drill bit or hole size of 5/32 inches for a perfect fit.

Designed to meet your specific needs, this syringe filter works perfectly with liquid culture jars, PF Tek BRF jar lids, and grain spawn jar lids. It acts as a reliable air exchange port, promoting healthy air circulation while protecting your cultures from contaminants.

Autoclaving is crucial for sterilization, and our PTFE syringe filter is up to the task. It can withstand high-pressure steam and elevated temperatures in autoclaves, ensuring complete sterilization and protection against microorganisms.

The durability and reusability of this syringe filter make it an economical choice for your liquid culture or spawn jar lids. Just clean and sterilize it after each use, and it's ready for your next cultivation round.

Enhance your mushroom growing process with the efficiency and reliability of our Autoclavable 0.22 Micron PTFE Syringe Filter. Achieve optimal air exchange while maintaining a sterile environment for your cultures. Invest in this reusable solution to support your mushroom cultivation journey. Get the best syringe filter for your mushroom filter needs!
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