Mushroom Grow Bags 20x12x50 cm 0.2 micron filter patch pre-sealable bags

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premium mushroom grow bags
20cm x 12cm x 50cm sizes
0.2-micron filter patch

bags can hold up to 8lbs spawn or substrate

These side-gusseted breathable bags stand up and hold strong.
Tear Resistant: 2x thicker than most bags, these are designed to withstand high temperatures that come with sterilization.
Excellent Filtering: 0.2 Micron filter patch allows for gas to freely be exchanged while keeping contaminations out.
The clear bag helps to quickly spot any instances of contamination
Grow like a pro mushroom growers around the globe use these bags to dramatically reduce space needed to grow or spawn mushrooms when compared to trays, tubs
Multi-use for inoculation of media with mushroom oyster spawn, clone oyster mushrooms and more

you’ll have fantastic unicorn results!