Mini PF Tek Mushroom Growing Kit

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• 4x Pre-sterilized PF Tek BRF Cake Jars with 3 injection ports for inoculation and one syringe filter for gas exchange.
• Fruiting Chamber, Clear top Box 15L(14.6"X11.4"X6.7")
• Digital Humidity meter/Thermometer
• 3L perlite
• 300ml Vermiculite for rolling cakes
• Mini LED growing light. (Indirect daylight is enough for many mushroom species)
• Latex gloves for inoculation
• Alcohol Wipes
• Detailed step by step easy growing guide
• Spray bottle
• 4x rounded foil pieces
• 4x zip-lock bag for dunking process

BRF Cakes

• Organic Brown Rice Flour
• Medium size Holland Basic’s Premium Vermiculite
• Water


Jar lids are designed for the PF Tek method to allow easy inoculation from each side. 3 self-healing injection ports and a .22micron syringe filter attached. Jars are reusable and you can continue to grow your mushrooms with the same method.

A half-inch top dry layer of vermiculite was added for protection. Jars are pressure sterilized in Autoclave for 90 minutes at 15psi.