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Liquid Culture Kit for Mycology | Liquid Mushroom Grow Kit

Liquid Culture Kit for Mycology | Liquid Mushroom Grow Kit

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Introducing: Our Liquid Culture Starter Kit, the ultimate solution for cultivating robust and contamination-free liquid cultures. This comprehensive kit equips you with everything you need to kickstart your liquid culture adventures and achieve optimal mycelial growth.

🌟 The essential component of the set is our high-quality magnetic stirrer, a reliable and efficient device that ensures thorough mixing and aeration of your liquid cultures. With two Teflon stirrer bars, you can achieve consistent agitation for maximum mycelium proliferation.

🌟 The kit includes two sturdy mason jars: a 1 Litre jar and a 250 ml. jar. Crafted from durable glass, these jars provide a transparent and reliable container for liquid cultures.

🌟 To fuel the growth of your liquid cultures, we've included a bag of 2 oz. of dextrose powder, a premium-grade carbohydrate source. Dextrose serves as a readily available energy and nutrient supply for your mycelium, promoting vigorous and rapid development.

🌟 Ensuring a contamination-free environment is paramount, which is why our kit features two liquid culture jar lids specially modified to enhance sterility. These innovative lids are equipped with a rubber injection port and a syringe filter, allowing an easy and sterile inoculation while maintaining optimal gas exchange. The injection port enables convenient inoculation with your chosen spore or culture syringe, while the syringe filter prevents potentially harmful particles from entering the culture.

🌟 Our liquid culture jars and jar lids are designed to be reusable, offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly cultivation options. They are also autoclave-safe, allowing for hassle-free sterilization and repeated use.

Experience convenience, reliability, and consistent results with our Liquid Culture Starter Kit. Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or a beginner, this kit provides the essential tools and components to embark on successful liquid culture cultivation. Elevate your mycological endeavours and unlock the full potential of liquid culture techniques with our top-of-the-line starter kit.

📢 Magnetic Stirrer Device is designed to work with 100 - 240V 50/60Hz. You can be sure it works with your country's electricity voltages and ampers.

📢 US Plug (You may need a plug converter)

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