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Light Malt Extract for Mycology (2 oz.)

Light Malt Extract for Mycology (2 oz.)

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🌟 Introducing: Powdered Malt Extract for Mushroom Growing!

🍄 This amazing product is the ideal nutrient source for your mushroom cultivation adventures.

🧫 Whether you're preparing Liquid Culture jars or Agar Plates, Light Malt Extract (LME) has got you covered.🧪

👉 What makes LME so special?

Well, it's a powdered form of malt extract that's super easy to use.

🧪 When it comes to Liquid Culture jars, LME works wonders. It provides the essential nutrients your mushroom mycelium needs to thrive and multiply.
Just mix the powdered LME with water, sterilize the solution, and inject your desired mushroom strain. The mycelium will happily feed on the LME goodness and grow strong and healthy.

🧫 For Agar Plates, LME is a game-changer too. The nutrient-rich LME promotes fast and robust mycelium growth on the agar surface.
Prepare your agar mix, add LME, sterilize, and watch as your mushroom cultures flourish on the plates.

The powdered form of LME ensures a long shelf life and easy storage. No need to worry about it going bad before you get a chance to use it.

🌟🍄 In summary, if you're serious about growing mushrooms and want a hassle-free nutrient source, Powdered Light Malt Extract is the way to go.

With its simplicity, versatility, and reliable performance, it's the perfect companion for your mushroom cultivation journey.

Say goodbye to complex nutrient mixes and hello to thriving mushroom cultures with Malt Extract!

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