Bulk Mushroom Growing Kit - Monotub Tek

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Hand made these grain jars ready to inoculate. There are a self-healing port and 0.2-micron syringe filter equipped at the jar lid for sterile incubation and fresh air exchange during the colonization.

4x 1 Quart hydrated and pre-sterilized rye grain spawn jars
2x 6lbs pasteurized coconut coir, vermiculite and gypsum mix substrate bags.

Grain jars are pre-sterilized at 15psi for 90 minutes at 121 Celcius degrees.

The substrate is pasteurized at 165F degrees for 4 hours and sealed.

The substrate is in a grow bag that has a .5 micron pore size filter patch.

coco/vermiculite rate is 2/1 and supplemented with 5% gypsum.