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All-in-one Mushroom Grow Kit (6 Jars)

All-in-one Mushroom Grow Kit (6 Jars)

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👉 The kit does not contain any mushroom genetics, spores or liquid culture syringes.

Introducing: Our DIY Mushroom Grow Kit

Get ready to grow your own medicinal, gourmet, and exotic mushrooms right at home with our easy-to-use DIY Mushroom Grow Kit!

Join over 500 happy customers from last year and experience the joy of mushroom cultivation.

This kit is not only a fantastic activity for your free time but also makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

⭐ What's included in the kit:

1. Pre-Sterilized Brown Rice Flour Mix Mushroom Grow Jars (6 Pcs - 250 ml each):
- Carefully prepared with Organic Brown Rice Flour and Vermiculite mix.
- Expertly hydrated with distilled water for optimal growth.
- Injection ports and 0.2-micron air exchange filters on the lids for easy inoculation.
- Sterilized at 15 Psi for 2.5 hours to ensure maximum cleanliness.
- Reusable and come with shrink bands for securely sealed lids.

2. 20 L Clear Mushroom Growing Chamber:
- Spacious and reusable fruiting chamber.
- Can hold up to 8 BRF cakes.
- Provides an ideal environment for the cakes to produce mushrooms.

3. Grow Light:
- Included in case you don't have sufficient natural light.
- Supports your mushrooms during the fruiting stage.

4. Temperature and Humidity Meter:
- A compact and effective tool to monitor the growing conditions in your fruiting chamber.
- Ensures your mushrooms thrive in the right temperature and humidity levels.

5. Alcohol Pads and Gloves:
- Provided to help you achieve contamination-free inoculation of your jars.
- Ensures no unwanted organisms interfere with your mushroom growth.

6. Zip-Lock Bags:
- Used for safe hydration of BRF cakes once they are ready for fruiting.
- Helps hydrate BRF cakes individually and reduce possible contamination risks.

7. Perlite (4 L):
- Essential for creating a bed for BRF cakes in the fruiting chamber.
- Regulates moisture and slowly releases it.
- Creates an optimal environment for mushroom growth.

8. Pre-cut Aluminium Sheets:
- Act as a barrier between the cakes and the Perlite.
- Prevents BRF cakes from touching Perlite bedding and promoting healthy growth.

9. Spray Bottle:
- Used to mist the fruiting chamber with water, ensuring the ideal humid environment for your mushrooms to flourish.

10. Fine Vermiculite (300 ml):
- To cover the cakes after full colonization.
- Helps retain moisture and provides the best conditions for fruitful growth.

11. Step-by-step Growing Instruction:
- Our comprehensive guide will lead you from the initial setup to the joyful harvest.
- Makes the process easy and enjoyable with clear explanations for each step of your mushroom cultivation journey.

👉Please note:
This kit contains everything you need to grow mushrooms at home except for the mushroom genetics. You will need a spore syringe or liquid culture syringe to begin the growing process with this kit.

Each item in the kit is individually packaged for maximum cleanliness, ensuring the highest quality and success in your mushroom cultivation journey.

Join the growing community of satisfied customers and experience the satisfaction of growing your mushrooms with our DIY Mushroom Grow Kit!
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