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25 Pcs. Sterile Empty Petri Dishes

25 Pcs. Sterile Empty Petri Dishes

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Discover the pinnacle of precision with our Sterile Empty Petri Dishes - the perfect choice for mycology and laboratory work. These 100mm x 15mm dishes, also known as Sterile Agar Dishes or Sterile Agar Plates, come in sleeves of 25, providing a generous supply for your experiments. Crafted from high-quality Polystyrene material, they ensure superior transparency and durability.

Each plate features four vents, facilitating optimal air circulation for your cultures, making them ideal Agar Media Plates or Petri Dish Media for mushroom growing and culture studies. Their stackable design allows for space-efficient storage, making them convenient Culture Plates for your laboratory.

Trust in our Sterile Petri Dishes to provide a contamination-free environment, enabling you to excel in your mycology and laboratory endeavours. Use them for Agar Cultures and Mushroom Growing experiments with confidence, knowing that you have the best Sterile Petri Plates at your disposal. Enhance your mycology and laboratory work with our high-quality Sterile Empty Petri Dishes.
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