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20cm x 12cm x 50cm Mushroom Grow Bags

20cm x 12cm x 50cm Mushroom Grow Bags

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Introducing our top-tier Mushroom Grow Bags, the ultimate solution for efficient and thriving mushroom cultivation. Carefully crafted, these premium bags create an optimal environment for mushroom spawns and substrates.

Equipped with a 0.2-micron filter, our bags ensure vital air exchange during colonization. Oxygen flows freely, while contaminants are kept at bay, safeguarding your valuable cultures.

Measuring 20cm x 12cm x 50cm, these bags offer ample space, accommodating up to 8 pounds of spawn and substrates. Perfect for both beginners and commercial growers, they support large-scale cultivation and multiple inoculations.

Built with 6MIL thickness, our bags boast unrivalled strength and durability. They withstand the challenges of cultivation, providing long-lasting performance.

Our Mushroom Grow Bags resist high temperatures, making them autoclave compatible. Simplify sterilization and enjoy a contamination-free growing environment.

Suitable for various mushroom species and strains, these grow bags guarantee convenience and reliability. Experience remarkable growth and abundant harvests.

Elevate your mushroom cultivation journey with our top-of-the-line grow bags. Trust in our commitment to quality for outstanding mycology results. Start your mushroom-growing adventure confidently and reap the bountiful rewards.
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