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2 oz. Agar Agar Powder for Mushroom Growing 900g/cm2 Strength

2 oz. Agar Agar Powder for Mushroom Growing 900g/cm2 Strength

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Introducing our premium Agar Agar Powder - the natural vegetable gelatin derived from seaweed. This versatile ingredient is a must-have for mushroom-growing enthusiasts, offering a range of applications in mycelium cultivation.

Agar Agar powder transforms into a semi-translucent gel, making it the perfect medium for fostering mycelial growth in mycology experiments. Trusted by experienced cultivators for reliable performance and consistent results, it has become a go-to choice.

To prepare the agar medium, simply mix 40g of Agar Agar powder with 1000 ml of cold water and bring the mixture to a boil while stirring continuously. For added nutritional support, malt or dextrose can be incorporated after boiling. Sterilize the mixture in an autoclave at 15 psi for 30 minutes to ensure a sterile environment.

Once properly sterilized, pour the agar medium onto sterile Petri dishes in a clean atmosphere. For optimal results and to maintain a contamination-free environment, we strongly recommend using a laminar flow hood.

Our Agar Agar Powder is carefully produced from red algae, ensuring high quality and purity. With its reliable gel-forming properties and suitability for mycelium cultivation, it is an essential tool for mycologists seeking consistent and successful results.

Unlock the potential of your mycology experiments with our premium Agar Agar Powder. Harness the power of this natural vegetable gelatin to create an optimal growth medium for your mycelium. Trust in our top-quality product to facilitate the success of your mycology endeavours. Grow your mycelium cultures with ease using our Petri Dish Powder!
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