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12 Pcs. Mushroom Cultivation Jar Lids (Wide Mouth)

12 Pcs. Mushroom Cultivation Jar Lids (Wide Mouth)

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Introducing our exceptional mushroom cultivation jar lids, expertly hand-modified to meet the needs of discerning growers. These lids have been meticulously designed for use with mushroom spawn jars and PF Tek BRF jars, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability throughout your cultivation process.

Each lid features precise drilling, allowing for the seamless attachment of a 20mm rubber injection port and a 13 mm syringe filter with 0.22-micron pore size. These components are tightly secured and sealed with premium-grade RTV silicone, ensuring airtight integrity and preventing any unwanted contaminants from entering the jar.

The rubber injection port revolutionizes the inoculation process, enabling easy and contamination-free introduction of spores or liquid cultures. Its user-friendly design streamlines your workflow and minimizes the risk of contamination, setting the stage for successful mycelium growth.

The 13mm syringe filter serves as a vital tool, facilitating efficient air exchange while effectively preventing harmful particles from infiltrating the jar. This safeguard promotes a healthy environment for your mushrooms, supporting optimal growth and development.

Crafted for durability and sustainability, these jar lids are designed for reuse and are fully autoclave-safe. This means you can confidently sterilize them for repeated cultivation cycles without compromising their performance.

Experience the utmost convenience and reliability in your mushroom cultivation endeavours with our top-of-the-line hand-modified jar lids. Perfectly tailored for spawn jars and PF Tek BRF jars, these lids, with their rubber injection port and syringe filter, guarantee contamination-free inoculation and efficient air exchange. Embrace reusability and quality with our autoclave-safe jar lids, and unlock the full potential of your mushroom cultivation projects.

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