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12 Pcs. Liquid Culture Jar Lids for Mushroom Cultivation (Regular Mouth)

12 Pcs. Liquid Culture Jar Lids for Mushroom Cultivation (Regular Mouth)

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Introducing our meticulously hand-modified jar lids, expertly crafted to enhance your mushroom cultivation experience. These custom lids are designed with precision, featuring Liquid Culture Lids, Cultivation Jar Lids, and Mushroom Jar Lids for optimal functionality.

One hole is fitted with a 13mm rubber injection port, tightly attached and sealed with premium RTV silicone. This allows for effortless and sterile inoculation and injection processes, making your workflow seamless.

The second hole features a 13mm wide syringe filter, with a 0.22-micron pore size for contamination-free air exchange. The syringe filter is securely sealed to the lid using RTV silicone, ensuring a tight and reliable fit.

Built to withstand autoclaving, our jar lids, injection port, and syringe filter ensure complete sterilization. They are designed for reusability, allowing for tens of cycles without compromising performance. Rust-resistant plastic jar lids provide added protection for your mycelium.

Elevate your cultivation practices with our premium hand-modified jar lids, safeguarding against contamination. Experience convenience, durability, and contamination-free benefits on your mushroom growing journey. Find all Mycology supplies, Spawn Jar Lids, PF Tek Jar Lids, BRF Jar Lids, Mushroom Growing Jar Lids, and Mycology Jar Lids here.
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