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100 Pcs. 20 mm Self-Healing Injection Ports - Rubber Stoppers

100 Pcs. 20 mm Self-Healing Injection Ports - Rubber Stoppers

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Introducing our Self-Healing Injection Ports - the perfect solution for customizing your cultivation jar lids for mushroom growing. These rubber stoppers, also known as mycology ports or jar lid rubber ports, are a must-have for any mycologist.

With our self-healing injection ports, you can easily and cleanly inject mycelium from a spore syringe into the liquid culture or grain spawn jars without the risk of contamination. Their self-sealing nature keeps the injection site tightly closed after each use, ensuring a sterile environment throughout the inoculation process.

Crafted from strong and durable rubber, these injection ports are designed to endure multiple uses. Their toughness guarantees longevity, providing a reliable option for safe and clean inoculation of your grain jars or liquid culture jars.

These injection ports are perfect for creating inoculation points on various jars, including liquid culture jars, grain spawn jars, and PF Tek BRF jars. They significantly reduce the risk of contamination during inoculation, acting as a protective barrier for your precious cultures while allowing mycelium introduction.

Made from high-quality rubber, our self-healing injection ports are safe for high-pressure sterilization. You can confidently autoclave them, ensuring complete sterilization without compromising their integrity.

What's more, these injection ports are not only durable but also reusable and washable. Simply clean and sterilize them after each use, making them a cost-effective choice for both lab settings and home mycologists.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our Self-Healing Injection Ports. Designed for safe and clean inoculation, these rubber ports are your go-to solution for maintaining a sterile environment while inoculating your jars. Elevate your mushroom cultivation with these durable and reusable injection ports!
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