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Rye Grain Spawn Jars for Mushroom Growing (Pre-sterilized 12 Jars - 1 Liter Each)

Rye Grain Spawn Jars for Mushroom Growing (Pre-sterilized 12 Jars - 1 Liter Each)

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Our pre-sterilized organic rye grain mushroom spawn jars are the perfect way to start your mushroom-growing journey.

The spawn jars are easy to use and guaranteed to be free of contamination, so you can focus on growing healthy mushrooms.

🛠️ Preparation of rye berries:

- Our organic rye grain spawn is carefully prepared to maximize its effectiveness.
- The rye kernels are washed multiple times with warm water, then soaked in distilled water for 20 hours.
- This ensures that the kernels are clean, free of impurities, and perfectly hydrated.

- The rye berries are then simmered for 15 minutes, which infuses them with the right amount of moisture.
- Excess water is carefully drained, and the rye kernels are spread on a piece of fabric to cool the grain down.
- This results in a hardened outer shell, which helps retain moisture within the kernels throughout the cultivation process.
- Jars are sterilized at 15 Psi. for 3 hours.
- Shrink bans are applied to the lids before shipment for additional security.

✨ Features:
- Pre-sterilized to eliminate contamination.
- Jar lids have rubber injection ports for easy inoculation.
- Syringe filters allow contamination-free air exchange.
- Made with organic rye grain for healthy mushroom growth.
- Easy to use, even for beginners.
- Jars and jar lids can be refilled and reusable.
- Excellent choice for bulk growing.
- Suitable for growing all kinds of mushrooms.

🎯 Benefits:
- Convenient and reliable.
- Reduces the risk of contamination.
- Facilitates successful mycelium colonization.
- Provides a healthy substrate for mushroom growth.
- Easy to use, even for beginners.
- Simplified inoculation process.
- A laminar flow hood or still air box is not required.
- Reusable jars and modified mushroom cultivation jar lids save money and time.
- Colonize faster.
- Glass protects spawn longer than bags.

Order your pre-sterilized rye grain spawn jars today and start growing healthy mushrooms!

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