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Monotub Grow Kit (Double) | 12 Rye Grain Spawn Jars (250 ml Each) & 4 CVG Substrate Bags (2 Pounds Each)

Monotub Grow Kit (Double) | 12 Rye Grain Spawn Jars (250 ml Each) & 4 CVG Substrate Bags (2 Pounds Each)

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Our easy-to-use Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit is the perfect choice for growing your mushrooms with simplicity and success!

This kit has everything you need to start your mushroom-growing journey.

What's included in the kit:

🌟 Pre-Sterilized Organic Rye Spawn Jars (12 Pcs. - 250 ml. each):
- Filled with organic rye grain, carefully prepared for significant growth.
- Grains are washed, soaked in distilled water for 20 hours, and simmered for 10 minutes.
- The outer shell of grains is dried on a cotton cloth for 3-4 hours to retain moisture inside for a long term.
- Jars are sterilized at 15 Psi. for 3.5 hours.
- Equipped with self-healing injection ports for clean and easy inoculation.
- For contamination-free air exchange, equipped with 0.2-micron syringe filters.
- Jar lids are securely sealed with a shrink band before shipment.

🌟 Pre-Sterilized High-Nutrient CVG Substrate Bags (4 Pcs - 2 lbs. each):
- Contains a nutrient-rich mixture of Coconut fibre, Vermiculite, and Gypsum Powder.
- Expertly hydrated with distilled water to the perfect moisture level.
- Filled in 0.2-micron filter grow bags.
- Sterilized at 15 Psi. for 3.5 hours to maintain a contamination-free environment.
- Bags are sealed in a laboratory in front of a flow hood, ensuring the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.

🌟 Alcohol Pads and a Pair of Gloves:
- Included for maintaining utmost cleanliness during inoculation, preventing unwanted contaminants.

🌟 Flexibility:
- Enough for a 50 L tube or two 20 L tubes.

🔴 Contains essential components for mushroom cultivation, except mushroom genetics.

🧪 Requirements:
- You'll need a syringe for spores or liquid culture not included in the kit.

Take the chance to have fun growing mushrooms at home.

With our Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit, anyone can grow their mushrooms and be successful!

❗❗❗ The kit does not contain mushroom genetics. ❗❗❗

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