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3 Pack Commercial Mushroom Cultures - Nature's Health Kit - Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail and Shiitake

3 Pack Commercial Mushroom Cultures - Nature's Health Kit - Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail and Shiitake

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🎯 Medicinal Gourmet Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringes 💉

3 Pack Mushroom culture;

- Lion's Mane
- Turkey Tail
- Shiitake
Our oyster mushroom liquid culture syringes are the perfect way to start growing your oyster mushrooms at commercial grade. They are made with isolated mushroom clones and are carefully packaged to ensure a contamination-free environment.

🌱 Benefits:

- Easy to use.
- Guaranteed to germinate.
- High-quality mushroom genetics.
- Contamination-free.
- Perfect for beginners and experienced mushroom cultivators alike.

🌟 Features:

- Made with isolated clone genetics.
- Perfect for mushroom cultivation.
- Can be copied unlimited times.
- Between 6 and 12 months shelf life.
- Provides a high concentration of Mycelium.
- Can be used to inoculate varieties of spawns, substrates, and liquid cultures.

🧪 How to use:

- Inoculate your desired growing medium with the liquid culture.
- Incubate the medium in a dark, warm place.
- Observe the medium for signs of mushroom growth.
- Mycelium should be visible in a few days.

📣✨ Guarantees:

👉 Every mushroom culture we sell has a unique ID number and a hologram seal. If you have an issue within 14 days of receiving the order, please let us know as soon as possible. We will refund or replace the order quickly, depending on your choice.

- We also guarantee that our product will arrive in perfect condition.

🛡️ If you receive a damaged shipment, let us know. We will send you new liquid culture syringes.

🥇 We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

Order your mushroom liquid culture syringes today and start growing your mushrooms at home!

📦 Package contents:
3- 10 ml. Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringes.
3- Sterile 18 G. syringe needles.
3- Alcohol pads.

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